Students make art inspired by IAC art exhibit ‘From the Hive’

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Tuesday, the International Arts Center (IAC) provided a way for students and faculty to relieve some stress by making their own piece of artwork.

“It is an art activity that is collage-based and it’s inspired by by our current exhibit ‘From The Hive,’ which features artwork by Beverly West Leach who is also a Troy University professor,” explained IAC Director Carrie Jaxon.

Participants made picture collages using scraps of paper and old magazine pages. They were also able to walk around and get inspired by the art exhibits in the IAC.

“The International Arts Center is the art center for our students as for Troy University,” Jaxon told TrojanVision. “Our community and these events reinforce that everyone’s welcome and that we want them to come in and to experience the art.”

Jaxon told TrojanVision these events are a great outlet for those who need to take a break from work or school.

“Art is a great way to just take a break from all of the super tedious things we do every day. We don’t get that many chances to do it as students and as professionals but that’s where we come in.”

‘From the Hive’ will be on display at the IAC until Jan. 14.