Troy University recognizes veterans, encourages military appreciation

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Veterans Day is meant to be a day to sit back and reflect on the sacrifices countless men and women have made to serve our country.

If you look at TROY, you won’t have to look far to see the impact veterans have had on our own campus.

“You look at Ralph Adams, one of the former chancellors here, and then that segways into Dr. Hawkins who was in the Marine Corps, we served, not at the same time together, but I followed his footsteps into Vietnam,” said Senior Interim Administrator Dr. John Schmidt.

TROY’s campus is home to both Army and ROTC programs, but all branches of the military have made their imprint on the university.

“You look at those who have served in leadership positions at the University, we’ve had Army Colonels, Marine Corps Colonels, we’ve had Navy Captains and we’ve had Air Force Generals,” Schmidt explained. “The sense of service exists at the top level but also at the younger level.”

It isn’t just the leadership that plays a role in this relationship. Schmidt told TrojanVision he sees students buying into TROY’s relationship with the military and veterans as well.

“The pride that our sororities and fraternities have, you see that pride at football games, Walk Hard that the ATO’s have is a good example of pride and flag waving at the university,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt encouraged the TROY community to remember those who have served and who continue to do so.

“When you think about freedom, think about those who have sacrificed. Not just the active duty person, but families of those who serve as well.”