Construction continues on Center for Materials and Manufacturing Sciences building

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Troy University has provided an update on one of its newest buildings that remains under construction.

For several months, construction crews have worked to build TROY’s Center for Materials and Manufacturing Sciences building. According to the center’s website, the facility “will serve as a fully integrated multi-disciplinary research facility that will serve across majors and academic ranks.”

“The new building is unlike any other we have on campus,” said School of Science and Technology Director Dr. Govind Menon. “It is meant entirely for research.”

One of the center’s main focuses will be obtaining reusable materials.

“The center focuses on polymer science and its applications, in particular, plastics recycling is a big issue that we have taken on,” Menon explained.

Although the facility itself isn’t complete, students have already begun working to ensure the center’s success.

“The center has been active for three years now,” Menon told TrojanVision. “Student Scholars are a part of the center. In fact, we have some paid positions. There are students who get paid to do research so this has been happening since day one.”

Construction on the center is expected to be finished by the end of the Spring semester.