What to do if you live on campus during severe weather

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — As tornado season in Alabama gets closer, Troy University resident assistants are ensuring students that they are ready for a severe weather scenario.

Many Alabamians are accustomed to tornados. In fact, there has already been one tornado warning since Troy University started the spring semester.

Since many TROY students live on campus, resident assistants have been trained to handle severe weather, including tornado warnings.

“If we have tornadoes coming through, we will tell all of them to come downstairs and line both our hallways,” said resident director Michaela Meadows. “We want to get them away from all the doors and windows. We also don’t want them staying in their rooms because, again, a lot of windows, a lot of glass so we get them downstairs safe.”

Once everyone has made it into the hallway, resident assistants take roll call to make sure no one was missed.

“We send a text,” Meadows explained. “We knock on all the doors and we’re like, ‘hey, get downstairs, we have tornadoes.’ Please just come downstairs to so we can keep up with you.”

According to Meadows, she feels confident that she’s doing everything she can to keep everyone safe.

“We are very in control of the the situation. Usually people feel very safe.”

Meadows also suggested that students have a pre-prepared “go bag” in case of severe weather. According to the National Weather Service (NWS), emergency supplies include bottled water, first aid supplies, sleeping bags, etc.