TROY warns users about increasing phishing scams

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Scams can happen to anyone at anytime, and Troy University is no exception.

Recently, the University has seen an uptick in phishing scams being sent to students, faculty and staff.

“What happened with us was people begin to receive telephone calls impersonating the IT department of helpdesk,” said Greg Price, the Chief Technology and Security Officer at Troy University. “During those phone calls the ‘bad actors’ (scammers) were calling, and they told employees and students that they needed to respond to an email because their accounts were compromising and they needed to reset their passwords.”

According to Price, scammers created a sense of urgency, so students and faculty would act fast and not identify the calls as a scam.

“The person was in a hurry, and they thought that their emails about to be shut down,” Price explained. “They thought they were gonna have issues working at the University, so they responded to the message and the website of they visited asked them to enter get the password for the TROY account.”

Price told TrojanVision these scams are common, but there are ways to protect yourself.

“Look at from whom the email address was sent and it makes sure that that matches the domain and the companies information,” Price explained. “There’s typically a request to do something in the body of the message. Troy University never makes those types of requests. We don’t request that you provide usernames and passwords to anyone, and we don’t request that you provide financial information via links.”

If you suspect you are being scammed, do not engage with the message. Instead, contact TROY’s IT department immediately.