TUPD encourages safety at upcoming athletic events

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Every semester Troy University Police Department hosts Coffee with a Cop to connect with the students they protect.

At this semester’s event, TUPD also informed students of safety tips to know during the spring athletic season.

“We’re here to get to know the students and spend some time with them,” said Tatyana Lee, a patrol officer with TUPD. “We have a lot of softball and baseball games coming up. We also want the students and their family members to be safe and careful on the roads.”

Lee says one way to stay safe is to be aware of your surroundings as you travel to the games.

“Because there are so many baseball and softball games going on, there is going to be a lot of traffic so we want people to be aware of their driving.”

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Lee also wants those who attend the game to be aware of their alcohol consumption.

“Be safe and be aware of how much you are drinking. Also, be aware of the other people around you. If you have friends who might be consuming a little too much, be the designated driver and be sure to get home safely. “

Coffee with a Cop will return in the Fall semester. To learn more about upcoming TUPD events, you can follow them on social media @troyuniversitypolice.