TUPD unveils new taxi service, works to prevent drunk driving

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — The Troy University Police Department (TUPD) has released its newest program that aims prevent students from drunk driving.

This week, TUPD unveiled one of its newest vehicles, which features a police cruiser in the front and a taxi in the back.

“Unfortunately, we’ve seen a slight uptick in DUI arrests amongst our students,” said TUPD Chief George Beaudry. “We had a couple of traffic accidents with our students that involved that revolved around alcohol related driving.

We did a little research, and of course in the city of Troy, there are no cab services after 5 p.m. There’s also no ride-share programs available. So we were just looking for an opportunity to figure out a way to help the students.”

The new “Choose Your Ride” program allows students to request a ride home from TUPD police officers. Students do not have to live on campus to be picked up, but they will have to verify student status.

“It’s really designed to help our students out,” Beaudry explained. “We don’t have any problem with picking up two to three students at one time.”

Students can request a ride service through the Omnilert app, or call the TUPD nonemergency phone number, which is (334)-670-3215.

However, there are a few stipulations that apply to the new program.

“We do have a limit on the mileage as far as how far we’ll go it’s a four-mile radius around the city limits of Troy,” Beaudry explained. “Which basically covers most any place in Troy where our students might be engaging in use of alcohol.”

Although the Choose Your Ride service is mainly intended for students who are 21 and older, TUPD will pick up underage students. However, there is a stipulation.

“We are going to report to Student Services,” Beaudry said. “We’re not gonna do any criminal prosecution and we’re not gonna give any serious trouble. “I think we’re saving potentially saving lives on the roadway, and potentially preventing students from going to jail.”

For more information about the Omnilert app, click here.