Troy University students share their perspectives on Valentine’s Day

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Valentine’s Day can stir up different emotions in people, but one thing almost everyone can agree on is that Valentine’s Day is about love.

“Valentine’s Day just means being full of love, just spreading love and positivity to the ones around you,” said student Kamiya Koonce. “Whether it’s your partner, friend, or whatever like that.”

One student says Valentine’s Day is about showing love to yourself.

“I think Valentine’s Day is all about self-love,” said student Kenley Krey. “I’m single, so I’ve had to learn how to love myself. I think it’s just a great time to just sit back if you are single, and just take a moment to reflect on all of the things that you love about yourself. I’m a Christian, so just reflecting on God’s love for me, and loving on other people too.”

One international student celebrated Valentine’s Day a little differently by combining customs from his culture with American ones.

“I’m from Sweden, what we do, kind of like Valentine’s Day, we celebrate with our loved ones, and overall just go outside, have a picnic, and it’s just a fun overall experience on Valentine’s Day,” said international student Patrick Olsson.

What do students say is the most important thing to remember on Valentine’s Day?

“Make sure you show everybody that you love them and care for them,” said student Devin Watkins.

Whether you’re single or taken this Valentine’s Day, students say show love and kindness to everyone you meet, and enjoy the season of love.