Alabama attorney shows life in a warzone with art exhibit

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — An Alabama attorney is sharing a collection of photographs he took during his time in war-torn Ukraine.

Over the past two years, Stephen Humphreys has documented his time working with volunteer organizations that are providing aid to citizens in the war in Ukraine. His photographs are now part of an exhibit at the Johnson Center of the Arts.

“The photographs are supposed to bring the experience home to the American people so they can appreciate what the Ukrainian people are going through,” Humphreys said.

The exhibit, titled “Broken Bridges,” is Humphreys’ third exhibit to be featured in the Troy community.

Humphreys has spent time in Washington, D.C., Georgia and Alabama.

“From my previous work, I focused on Cuba. I also traveled all over Cuba and did documentary photography. I did the same thing in Vietnam.”

Humphreys hopes people who see the photographs gain a sense of what life is like living in a warzone.

“I just don’t think people try to appreciate what it is like to try to function in your daily life when it might be interrupted by an air raid or cruise missiles or drones.”

Stephen Humphreys

Humphreys is currently planning his next trip to Ukraine. Overall, he wants his photos to help Americans have compassion for those caught in the struggle.

“We need to feel for what is happening to the Ukrainian people and I hope that through these photographs people can get a sense of that.”

“Broken Bridges” will be on display at the Johnson Center of the Arts until March 1st.