Students converge for Flute Day 2024

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Troy University hosted its annual Flute Day to give students a chance to learn more about flutes and music.

Flute Day is not only celebrated at Troy University but also by other students and organizations around the nation.

“It’s not a new idea to have a Flute Day,” said Flute Day Coordinator Dr. Heather Small. “There are lots of universities that have this kind of event, but I thought it would be great for TROY to have an event like this. Not only to get to know the students in the area, but serve as a way to get all flute players together.”

Multiple vendors from businesses such as Art’s Music Shop and Woodwinds Are Life attended the event to offer their services to students.

“To just be in the space with a lot of different musicians, it’s really fun to see people just starting out,” said Woodswinds Are Life vendor Frank Jeppesen. “I’ve actually been repairing different little minor repairs like all day on everyone’s instruments. I started with a piccolo and then I saw a lot of flutes.”

Flute Day gives students the chance to increase their knowledge about flutes, music and instrument care.

“My favorite part of the event has honestly been the master classes because we have incredible guest artists working with us and helping give feedback that we can apply not only just in the music that we play today, but in music in the future,” said student Aubrie Maund.

Now that Flute Day 2024 is a wrap, organizers are already turning their attention to Flute Day 2025.