An Evening of Music and Poetry honors women

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — In honor of International Women’s Day, Troy University’s College of Communication and Fine Arts and John M. Long School of Music presented An Evening of Music and Poetry.

Musical instruments and spoken words were performed to create a night of honoring women in music and poetry.

“I think the turnout was great and I like that our beautiful colleagues did such a great job,” said Interim Director of the School of Music Dr. Hui-Ting Yang. “The interaction between the performers and audience created an atmosphere that was really warm and lovely.”

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First Lady Janice Hawkins gave the welcoming remarks to start off the event. Throughout the night, faculty members presented musical selections and poems.

“I’m so grateful to have such an opportunity to participate in this event. This is always what I did,” said Lecturer of Piano Dr. Yuecheng Lu. “I wanted to share with the world and let all people know that it doesn’t matter if they’re a musician or not, I want them to enjoy the music.”

“It’s always great to connect and promote our wonderful female faculty and staff,” Yang told TrojanVision. “It’s the connection between the poetry and the music, even though the poetry was recited in a different language, it doesn’t matter. The whole piece is the way that the faculty recites the poetry, and it is just a piece of art. That’s what is really lovely, beautiful and attractive to everybody.”

An Evening of Music and Poetry was in honor of Women’s History Month.