World renowned pianist Andreas Klein performs at Troy University

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Tuesday night the Troy Arts Council (TAC) hosted world renowned pianist Andreas Klein inside Long Hall at Troy University.

Klein performed multiple pieces from Beethoven’s “Sonata in C Major” to Sergei Prokoieff’s “Sonata No. 7, opus 83.”

“For me it is not about playing the instrument,” Klein told TrojanVision. “It’s about finding the story of what the composer wanted to say with the notes. When you go further in your studies, you find that it is not about the technique of playing piano but about music.”

“What you express is a story and it should be a story,” Klein continued. “My aim and obligation as a performer and artist is to discover what is behind the score as the composer intended.”

Klein first started his journey in Berlin where he learned how to play piano at an early age. His father played the violin alongside him as he learned his craft.

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Klein has performed at multiple leading houses not only across the U.S., but Europe as well. He has performed in places such as Wigmore Hall in London, the Berlin Philharmonie and Carnegie Hall in New York.

“I was very fortunate to have a really good teacher at the right time,” Klein said. “They were very good to know how to study, practice, discipline yourself, and develop the hand towards gaining techniques to perform difficult pieces. It was because of that that later on you have all these possibilities.”

As Klein continues his musical journey, he hopes to inspire others to learn the art of playing music so those who may have stopped can begin learning once more.

Klein’s next performance will be alongside the Aris String Quartet at Libby Gardner Concert Hall in Salt Lake City, Utah. The performance is set for March 20 and starts at 7:30 p.m.