Trojan Athletics welcomes NFL scouts during Pro Day

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — In the world of football, few events carry as much weight for aspiring players as NFL Pro Day.

It is the culmination of players’ years of dedication, training, and sacrifice, and is where their dreams are put on display for scouts, coaches, and executives from professional football teams.

Tuesday, former Trojans showcased their skills in front of a number of NFL scouts, hoping to either raise their draft stock or get an invite to a training camp.

Each drill, sprint, and pass was an opportunity to impress, to stand out from the crowd and catch the eye of a general manager (GM) who would take a chance on them.

Some players took the opportunity to get their name out there, others used it as a way to raise their pre-determined draft stock so they could hear their name called earlier.

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One NFL prospect, Kimani Vidal, who is being regarded as one of the top running back prospects in the NFL Draft, said this was an opportunity to sharpen up his tools and raise draft stock.

Another prospect who caught numerous GM’s and scouts’ attention, was cornerback Reddy Stewart.

Stewart impressed scouts as he jumped a personal best 30 inch vertical and a 4.49 40 yard dash.

Many scouts seemed impressed by this time as he finished the fastest in his group and looked the most fluid in his individual drills.

Another prospect who impressed scouts was the nation’s sack leader Javon Solomon. Solomon had 34 reps on his bench and had the fastest 40 time out of all of the defensive lineman in his group. Solomon was a approached by the Atlanta Falcons and the Miami Dolphins, two teams who could be in need of edge rushers in this year’s upcoming draft.

All in all, TROY’s Pro Day was an opportunity for these young men to hear their name called on Draft Day. If you want to see where our Trojans end up, you can watch the NFL Draft on April 25-27 on ESPN and ABC.