IAC’s ArtSPARK combines community and art

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — The International Arts Center (IAC) has found a way to bring art not just to the University, but also to the city around it.

The IAC holds a monthly ArtSPARK event to foster children’s creativity.

“We give them an art activity and they get to make something based off some instruction,” said IAC workship student Tessa Suell. “We also tell them do whatever you want it’s your art you don’t have to follow the rules.”

ArtSPARK allows the IAC to connect with people outside of the University and their children.

“To have new people new people basically every time, a lot of the time people will come back once they have come,” Suell explained. “It’s like this growing art community within the Troy community.”

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The IAC also uses take-home art packets to help bring art into people’s homes. One parent says the packet is a gift that keeps on giving.

“The cool thing about to pick up packets is it’s usually something you can use more than once,” said parent Chris Corr. “Last time it was something oil crowns and we still have them. They still pull them out and do them. This one with the spray paint it looks like something you keep refilling the container. It’s something they can do on their own and yeah, it will keep them entertained.”

Parents may like ArtSPARK, but what do the kids like?

“I like art, my favorite thing I did was the bananas with the tape,” said participant Brooklynn Wright.

ArtSPARK events are rotated each month, meaning activities will be held inside the IAC one month and the next will feature a take-home activity.

ArtSPARK was first created in 2021. Most sessions involve an art activity, snack and story time.