Students show appreciation for women in their lives

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — March is Women’s History Month, a time where we show some appreciation to the women in our lives.

Many students say they’re thankful for the women who have been there since their birth.

“I really look up to my mom a lot because growing up it has always been like me and my mom,” said student Kyndell Anmos. “She has really made a big impact in my life.”

“I look up to my mom because she a role model to me,” Matthew Armount said.

“My mom and my grandmother, they’ve always been my number one supporter,” Jadon Kenebrew said.

“I love my mother,” Mason Richards said. “[I’m a] big mother’s’ boy. There is just a lot of things in life that she’s sacrificed for me and my brothers.”

“My mom, I admired her strength and resilience,” Asia Turner said.

Moms aren’t the only women students say they are thankful for.

“My cousin Evelyn, at such a young age she has made very huge strides,” Myah Wallace said.

“My aunt, she is a proud business owner,” Kyra Jenkins said. “She’s owned her business for several years. “She continuously spreads awareness for her business.”

“My grandmother just because as she grew up she didn’t go to school she made to work, but she still made the best out of it,” E’lajha Hall said.

“My sister Tiavanni because I feel like since we’ve grown up together, we’re five years a part,” Giavanni Fuller said. “We’ve gone through all the stages of life together.”

“My mom, grandma, aunts and anybody else that falls under that category,” Dewhitt Betterson said. “They’ve also been there for me.”

Last but not least, students say they’re grateful for the mentors they have met along the way.

“Doctor “Dr. Kelly Suero, who is a Spanish professor here at TROY, because she has been such a big impact on my Spanish journey,” Elijah Brooks said.

“My college pastor’s wife, she just loves the Lord so fiercely and those around her,” Mandy Atkins said. “She just a great role model.”

“Carloyn Baker, she’s a lady that goes to my and she disciples me and I just admire her,” Abby Lane said.

Women’s History Month was first recognized in March 1987.