John M. Long School of Music holds percussion performance

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION)—The echoing of drums and the soft sounds of the marimba filled the air Thursday in Long Hall as the Troy University Percussion Ensemble put on a show.

The performance included soft, slower instrumentals, and loud, quick compositions meant to evoke strong emotions in the listener. The second half of the concert in particular dealt with fears many people have, such as the fear of failure, change, time and death.

Music does not only affect those listening to it, but also those making it. Caitlin Chambers, a senior at TROY and member of the Percussion Ensemble, said music is instrumental to her life.

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“It’s made a huge impact on my life and how I deal with things,” Chambers explained. “If I get in a certain mood, I know that I can go to the practice room and just practice for a few hours, its like therapy to me. I feel like its definitely helped my mental health positively, and in every aspect of my life.”

Chambers also discussed how percussion is more than just the loud, fast-paced rock and roll that many people may picture when they think of instruments like the drums.

“Sometimes it can be standing behind a bunch of pieces of wood and making different noises from it, and sometime it is just that rock and roll. Its nice to go play the drum set and go hit the crap out of it. I’d say you can get some really pretty sounds and the you can get some really crazy sounds.”

Not only can percussion create many different kinds of music, the instruments themselves vary vastly.

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“There is a million different instruments back there,” said junior ensemble member Jacob Ammons. “Part of what we played in that 13 minute piece was five different types of instruments using three or four different types of sticks and mallets.”

The concert was the final percussion ensemble show of the semester. For a full schedule of other events the John M. Long School of Music is hosting, visit the school’s page.