Partial solar eclipse moves through Trojan territory

TROY Ala. (TROJANVISION) — A solar eclipse is a rare occurrence, one that hasn’t happened in the United States since the year 2017.

“The very first fall I was here we had that first eclipse in 2017,” said Biology Lecturer Amy Grilliot. “Now we are out being able to see another one, it’s really cool”.

What is a solar eclipse? NASA explains

According to NASA, the Troy area only saw 78% max coverage of the eclipse. However, this didn’t stop Troy University students and faculty from being over the moon about the phenomenon.

“I hope that the student body and community joins together and just enjoys a super cool experience that only happens so often” said sophomore Hailey Hoggle.

On any given day, you might see one or two people walking across the main quad but on eclipse day, strangers gathered together passing around glasses to watch the celestial phenomenon.

“It’s so cool that the community is out here just watching it all together,” said freshman Hailey Fronckowiak. “It’s just so cute of all the humans together just watching it.”

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According to NASA, the next solar eclipse that will be visible from the United States will be in August 2044.