TROY Athletics hosts Troy Miracle League season opener

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Riddle-Pace Field was lit up for a game of baseball, but not with the usual lineup.

Instead of Trojans on the field, the game was played by members of the Troy Miracle League. Trojan athletes acted as buddies to members of the Miracle League during the opening season game.

“It’s everybody’s favorite event of the year,” said TROY Head Baseball Coach Skyler Meade. “For the athletes, I know many of them have been excited for it. Many of them have been to our games so we’ve been talking about it for weeks, even months for some.”

Meade says one of the benefits of hosting Miracle League is the connections made between the athletes.

“I was just talking to one family that we know and their daughter really connected with five of the softball girls so they’re going to go to their game on Saturday. Now when she goes to the game and they see her and wave up to her, they have a kinship hopefully from not just today but from here on out.”

“We’ve got a buddy who comes to the softball games named Austin and he’s been talking about this for weeks,” said TROY Head Softball Coach Eric Newell. “For each one of them, they look forward to this and it’s a memory for them that will last forever.”

Jon Hayden Sanders, a volunteer with Miracle League, is grateful for the opportunities troy gives to Miracle League members.

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“They are awesome to our kids and out people to just allow them to socialize and get involved in the community. They’re really just allowing them to get on the big stage. It’s a blessing.”

Jon Hayden Sanders, Miracle League volunteer

The Miracle League is an offshoot of City of Troy Parks and Rec. The spring season is dedicated to baseball; the team will focus on kickball during the fall.