Student-run sport teams: club sports explained

TROY Ala. (TROJANVISION)— If you want to run a competitive sports team for your favorite sport, club sports may be the way to go.

Club sports fall between the student vs student intramural sports, and the University-sponsored, intercollegiate NCAA sport programs.

“These are sports that are brought to me, that want to be played, and shown interest to play at a competitive level, competing against other colleges, other schools, other different types of recs around the country as well,” said Chas Cary, the Coordinator of Competitive Sports at TROY.

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There are currently seven active sport clubs at TROY: badminton, bass fishing, gymnastics, hiking, pickleball, rugby, and wrestling. However, if you are not interested in any of these clubs, you can start your own.

“Come to me with interest, then you have to go out and get at least 20 people who are interested and willing to dedicate their time to this club,” Cary explained. “Once that happens, we can get the paperwork started, we can get the club going, we can find space on TROY’s campus for your club to practice.”

Keeping a sports club alive can be difficult, and it is especially important to make sure the club has support after its founders leave.

“We had ultimate [frisbee], we had soccer, we had a powerlifting and Olympic lifting club. Those kind of fizzled out because the people who started those clubs graduated and moved on,” Chas told TrojanVision. “There can be a group that come in and start a club in their freshman year but passing it down is probably the hardest point of it, making sure that they [future club members] have accesses to the bank accounts, making sure they have accesses to what they need to have to make the club keep going forward.”

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In August of 2024, a new team will be added to the list of sports, with a University-sponsored e-sports team. There will be 10 walks on positions with scholarships available.

You can direct any questions about club sports or the future e-sports team to