Concert Chorale unites East and West

TROY, Ala. (TROJANNVISION) — Some consider TROY University’s concert chorale to be the premiere vocal ensemble of the John M. Long School of Music.

The group’s most recent performance was an homage to the music of Europe – East and West.

“We have the western part from the British Isles; lots of music from the British Isles,” said Dr. Joseph Stuligross, Assistant professor of choral music. “We have the eastern part, countries from eastern Europe, Hungary, Slovakia, Macedonia, all of those countries have music represented on this program, and it’s comparing and contrasting the music from those two regions.”

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Stuligross says these pieces are incredibly meaningful.

“It’s such a wonderful variety but what comes out from the pieces from both areas is the composer’s from both areas are incredibly imaginative, and have hearts filled with love,” Stuligross said.

This performance comes as Stuligross and his students continue getting to know one another and their individual styles.

“This is my first year at TROY,” Stuligross said. “So we’ve been kind of learning a little bit about each other and what our strengths are and our weaknesses are and trying to be as accommodating as we can for our own differences as we work together to try to grow both as musicians and as human beings.”

One student says he has improved as a musician as well.

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“Being able to project singing things with my body having like to feel the sensation to be able to sing loud, and even with my instrumentation it goes way farther than just singing and having fun and being here is kind of more of our concerts,” said Michael Sirmons, a concert chorale member.

Students of all majors are welcome to audition for the concert chorale. Scholarships are available for chorale members.