Troy Environmental Club celebrates Earth Day

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION)— This week is the biggest week of the year for the Troy Environmental Club: Earth Week.

“It is our biggest event across the year for our club,” said Karle Chamberlin, the president of the Troy Environmental Club. “Every year we look forward to hosting the Earth Week booth. We set up every day this week, and every day we have things planned that get people involved in the environment and the community.”

The week started out with Animal Day, where students met and held animals, and try snacks like crickets.

Chamberlin says that it is important that Earth Week brings people together for the environment.

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“Its a great way to have a reason to join up on the quad for a week long, and get everybody together and talk about the Earth and talk about, people and animals and plants and all sorts of things that make the world go round”

This years Earth Day theme was “Planet vs Plastic,” highlighting the importance of reducing waste and recycling

“The City of Troy has a recycling center that you can take your recyclables to,” Chamberlin explained. “Also reusing things, a lot of people think that once you use it, once its not good anymore, or if you use a backpack for a year you need a new one, but that is not the case.”

The City of Troy offers free green bags for recyclable materials at City Hall, the Troy Public Library and the Troy Recycling Center.