Environmental Club collects reusable items for Earth Week

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — The Troy Environmental Club hosted a “Reduce, reuse, recycle” event.

Students could either donate or take lightly used school supplies so they don’t go to waste.

“We are giving away free clothes, shoes, school supplies, and we are also doing a recycling drive,” said Environmental Club President Karli Chamberlin. “Our initiative today is to make sure people know that you don’t have to buy brand new things every time a new school year comes around.”

The club collected items such as binders, folders, paper, and other supplies. It also held a recycling drive for students to drop off any reusable items.


“We just want to make sure that good used items aren’t being thrown away just because people don’t have the space for them anymore,” Chamberlain explained. “We understand that it’s difficult to run to the recycling center every time you have a box or every time you go grocery shopping.”

She continued, “We are offering to take all of that and recycle it for you so you don’t have to.”

The event was part of Earth week. Chamberlin says club members wanted to help not only the community, but the planet, too.

“It’s not only helping people, but it’s helping our planet,” she said. “That is what we stand for as the Environmental Club. Whether it’s for you, other people, or for generations to come, it has a lasting impact. Even small things make such a big difference.”

The club plans to donate and recycle all of the items dropped off.