Organizations band together for campus-wide cleanup

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Each day as Housing and Resident Life staffer John Peterson walks to work he sees flowers, trees, and…trash?

“Every day I was walking up to work and there was just a lot of litter, and I was always told that TROY is Alabama’s most beautiful campus, that’s what I was recruited on, and I firmly believe that, but I think unfortunately, with the construction projects and just over the course of the semester, it gets kinda dirty,” Housing and Resident Life Staff John Peterson said.

Peterson has now made it his mission to create a campus-wide cleanup.

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“I first started with SGA, they are the leaders on campus, they know what’s going on, and then from there I got in contact with Jayden McQueen, who is on the Campus and Crowns committee, and she helped me get in contact with a lot of service organizations,” Peterson explained.

Then by coincidence or luck, Peterson’s vision came to life during Earth Week, when people around the world band together to celebrate and care for the earth.

Even though some may see the clean-up as just a trash pickup, Johnson believes there is a bigger takeaway for students.

“My biggest thing was just to empower the students to make this campus their own, to take ownership of it and clean it up, and we did that with over 18 registered organizations on our signup, and just getting those organizations together in one area one place because at the end of the day, we are all trojans,” Peterson explained.

With this year’s clean-up now complete, Johnson is already turning his attention to next year’s event.