Graphic design program latest addition to TROY Online

Starting this fall, graphic design classes will be offered both online and on the Troy Campus.

Starting this fall, graphic design classes will be offered both online and on the Troy Campus.

Beginning Term 1 of the 2022-2023 school year, Troy University Art and Design students can begin studying for the graphic design Bachelor of Science degree completely online from the comfort of their own homes. 

The online offering is a mirror of the current in-person program but with a different calendar, said Greg Skaggs, Interim Chair of Art & Design.

“What we’ve done over the past two years as a department is look at the current program, which has over 120 students enrolled, and asked ourselves how we can expand our global footprint,” he said. “We brought in Associate Professor of Design Chris Stagl in 2020, who has written design curriculum throughout the country, to champion these efforts, and he has led our department in developing a program that can be creative and sustainable both online and in person.”

Stagl said online students will have the opportunity to learn the same content as in-person students, such as design history, fundamentals, concepting, software, creative projects, animation, video and output.

“I’m very excited to welcome our first cohort of fully online graphic design students. It’s refreshing knowing we have such a talented group of faculty that have the passion to branch into online delivery and the technology readily available to offer a great experience to the students,” he said. “Having taught almost all of our current classes online at one point or another during the past two years, I can say that the creative projects the students are developing are phenomenal.”

The graphic design program is completely asynchronous and gives students the freedom and flexibility to work remotely from any location at times of the day and night convenient to their lifestyle.

Faculty will be available to assist during regularly scheduled office hours and will use Teams to meet with students outside of their regular hours.  

For more information on the online program, click here. Registration for Term 1 and Fall Semester is open until Aug. 22.