Matching funds boost donor power on Giving Day

Troy University will hold its annual Giving Day on Oct. 16.

Troy University will hold its annual Giving Day on Oct. 16.

Individuals who make contributions during Giving Day on Oct. 16 can have the power of their gifts doubled thanks to a group of donors who provided matching funds.

Matching funds of $25,000 provided by generous donors Harrel McKinney, Cindy and Mike Dodds, Forrest Latta and Bill Wasden will boost donations made during Giving Day. The University will use these funds to match any size gift with up to $200, doubling a donor’s gift.

“Thanks to these generous donors, anyone who contributes on Giving Day will see their gift matched up to $200,” said Rebecca Watson, Associate Vice Chancellor for Development. “These matching funds increase the impact of individual gifts and will go a long way towards helping us reach our goal for the day.”

For this year’s Giving Day, the University is sending out the call to “Stand Up and Be a Trojan” with an ambitious goal of $125,000.

Mike Dodds, who was a matching funds donor last year along with his wife Cindy, said he was pleasantly surprised by the results of last year’s Giving Day, and hopes to see even more alumni step up this year.

“We do this for a very simple reason—we love TROY,” Dodds said. “I have discovered in our years with TROY that there are many people like us that absolutely love this University and are willing to help in any way they can. If you love TROY, give.”

For Wasden, a 1978 graduate now working as an attorney in Mobile, giving back is a way to preserve and increase the value of a TROY degree.

“I look at my diploma as a certificate of stock from the college I went to,” said Wasden, who also serves on the TROY Foundation Board. “That value goes up or down depending on how the university does. With TROY, it has been very positive, and I want to sustain those efforts. One way I can do that is by giving back, and it’s why all alumni should consider financially supporting their alma mater.”

The best way to contribute to Giving Day is by going online to and making a tax-deductible gift via the secure website.

Gifts can be made to the designation of the donor’s choice, and the matching funds will follow.

Additionally, contributions will be accepted via cash or check at various locations around Veterans Memorial Stadium during that night’s home football game against the University of South Alabama.

McKinney, an active donor and member of the Foundation Board, said he was willing to sign on again as a matching funds donor after seeing the success of last year’s Giving Day.

“A lot of times, people don’t give simply because they are not asked,” McKinney said. “Hopefully seeing who else has stepped up to the plate will inspire others to give.”

In addition to making a gift, Trojans everywhere can support Giving Day by spreading the word on social media using the hashtag #TROYGivingDay. For additional questions, email, or call 334-670-5843.