Aaron Taylor named Television Manager for TROY TrojanVision

Prior to this role, Taylor served as Television Production Coordinator for the last 20 years.

Prior to this role, Taylor served as Television Production Coordinator for the last 20 years.

Aaron Taylor has been named Television Manager for TROY TrojanVision effective Sept. 1.

Taylor fills the position left vacant by his former manager and mentor Kyle Bozeman, who held the title for the last 25 years.

Though professional colleagues for two decades, Taylor and Bozeman’s history dates back to before their time at TROY to Auburn University where Taylor was a student in Bozeman’s speech class. Soon after, they each made separate decisions to come to TROY in the fall of 1996.

“One of my first days of class here, and I think also one of his first days, I was walking into Wallace Hall and I saw him,” Taylor said. “Right off the bat I told him, ‘I know you!’ and he goes, ‘I know you! You were in my speech class!’”

As a broadcast student, Taylor worked alongside Bozeman until he graduated from TROY in 2000. After spending some time working for CBS affiliate WAKA in Montgomery, Ala., he returned to TROY after a call from Bozeman with news of a position opening for Television Production Coordinator.

“I remember distinctly that morning, Jan. 2, 2002. It snowed in Montgomery and it did not snow in Troy,” he recalled. “I’ve been here ever since and it’s been my life. TROY is my life. The best decision I ever made was coming to TROY.”

Taylor said his goal for TrojanVision is to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor and continue to build on the legacy he started 25 years ago.

“Working for Kyle was a joy, so when the opportunity to apply for the job came about, I said I’ve got to do it. I wanted to take that next step and continue building up what we have here at TrojanVision,” he said. “We’re leaps and bounds ahead of where we used to be, and we’re only going to continue to grow and expand. We’ve got big projects in the works right now that are going to be major advancements in what we offer and what we do here at TrojanVision.

“The goal is to keep up the standard and make sure we keep telling the TROY story and putting out quality programming that TROY fans will enjoy and be able to watch for years to come.”

Buddy Johnson, Broadcast and Digital Network Director, said he is excited to see the vision for TrojanVision continue under Taylor’s guidance.

“We are delighted to have Aaron Taylor as our new TrojanVision TV Manager,” he said. “We are confident in the experience he brings to the role after 20 years as TV Production Coordinator and are excited for the future of TROY TrojanVision under his direction.”

In addition to his duties as Television Manager, Taylor currently hosts the Trojan Talk public affairs segment that airs on TROY TrojanVision News. He is a big Trojan sports fan and considers TROY the only college team of interest in the state. He and his wife, Dr. Robbyn Taylor, reside in Troy with their son, Brooks.