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TROY Air Force cadet leading the way for others during field training at Maxwell AFB

August 2, 2019

A Troy University Air Force ROTC cadet has been making a mark on summer field training at Maxwell Air Force Base.

Cadet Zach Sullivan, a senior from New Paris, Ohio, served as a cadet training assistant at Maxwell May 13 – June 17, mentoring and teaching skills to AFROTC cadets from around the country – and marking an important milestone for TROY’s Detachment 17.

“CTAs are cadets entering their senior year who are selected to attend field training for a second time and serve in an instructional role,” said Capt. Noah Warren, an AFROTC instructor and associate professor of aerospace engineering at TROY. “They’re selected because of the superior performance as a trainee themselves, and having Cadet Sullivan serve as a CTA speaks volumes to both his performance in the Corps, and our expectations for all cadets in Det. 17.”

During the month-long rotation, Sullivan served as an instructor and mentor to cadets going through field training. The field training is aimed at developing “combat skills” such as land navigation, small unit tactics and other individual and squad skills.

“It was hard work but it was a good experience,” said Sullivan. “One of the best things about being a CTA was seeing how the cadets progressed as they went from TD-0 to completion of field training. Being able to interact with many officers in the Air Force was awesome as I was able to ask many questions and get their unique perspectives on the Air Force and (roles).”

While the experience was rewarding for Sullivan individually, Warren said his opportunity now sets the detachment up for future successes.

“Cadet Sullivan was able to interact with officers and cadets from across the country and will bring a wealth of knowledge into Det. 17,” he said.