TROY Prom king and queen “crowned”

Mario Robeldo and Hallie Bruner, the winners of the 2021 TROY Prom

Hallie Bruner and Mario Robledo were “crowned” TROY Prom queen and king to cap off Troy University’s annual social media dance competition for incoming students.

The event invites students to create a post mimicking a dance by the Troy mascot, T-Roy and post it to the popular social media network, TikTok, for a chance to win scholarship money.

Bruner and Robledo, had the highest-engaged TikTok posts among many entries into the 2021 virtual event.

Bruner’s post had more than 500,000 likes, comments, and shares while Robledo’s has about 400,000.

Their posts. as well as the other “prom-goers,” drew attention from popular TikTok accounts such as Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, actress Lauren Donzis, the Seattle Seahawks, Claudia Conway, USC Athletics, the Savannah Bananas, Glossier Cosmetics, and comedian Nathan Piland.

Robledo, a high school senior from Troy, was excited about the fun opportunity to help ease the financial burden of college.

“I’m so happy Troy University is using every outlet possible to try and help their students financially. I’m glad to be part of a University that values all forms of expression,” Robledo said.

“My favorite part of Troy Prom was seeing all the supportive comments and nice people wishing me best of luck– and Arby’s.”

Arby’s also joined in on the fun and matched the scholarship offer of $500 to give Bruner and Robledo each $1,000.

“We’re thrilled to have been able to jump in on all the fun and participate in the #TroyProm contest on TikTok for a wonderful cause,” said Jimmy Beck, manager of social media for Arby’s.

“Both Hallie and Mario are well-deserving winners who will go far in their college careers and beyond. We’re grateful to the university for letting us show up and support education in a fun and unique way through the power of social media”

Bruner and Robledo will also receive a sash as well as a tiara and crown as the queen and king.