Five Ways TROY Prepared Me for Success

ADPi welcomed new members during bid day activities on Saturday, Aug. 11.

ADPi welcomed new members during bid day activities on Saturday, Aug. 11.

I was asked, “How did Troy University prepare you for your career?” As I stopped and thought about it, I realized TROY prepared me for more than just a career, it helped me grow into the person I am today. So, here are five ways my University helped me prepare for success.

  1. It’s OK to be me. Even with my first steps into the Hall School of Journalism, Troy University helped me meet my individual education goals. At the time, I wanted both a journalism and public relations degree. Troy developed a contract major for me so that I could have a solid background in both fields of study. Troy’s hands-on learning approach put me ahead of the curve when I entered the job market. I left college with a portfolio of work: stories and ads from the Trop, newsletters created as the ADPi reporter, public relations projects for local non-profits, and sample tapes highlighting my on-air news reporting from an internship at one of the area’s largest Top 40 stations (WKMX).
  2. Connections are key. Beyond the classroom, Troy taught me the value of making connections. From professors and teachers who believed in me and pushed for excellence, to my classmates working alongside me in the industry, I’ve reached out and asked for advice and information so many times throughout my career. I was empowered by those instructors to become more. In fact, thanks to social media and email, I’m still in contact with some today.
  3. Every experience adds to who we become.I learned about media ethics and law from the great M. Stanton Evans. He taught us no one should fear accurate information. I flew in a C-130 aircraft with the National Guard. I interviewed up and coming music stars. I went to swaps and formals. I pulled all-nighters while studying for exams. I witnessed world records being made in Sartain. I took late night rides to Panama City Beach to watch the sunrise over the water. I learned integrity, accountability, loyalty and the value of hard work. I learned about failure and how that makes you grow. I hugged a friend while she cried.
  4. Learning doesn’t stop with your degree. My diploma confirms I’m a journalist, but I’ve held many titles since leaving Troy over 25 years ago. They include: Staff Writer, Advertising Coordinator, Features Editor, Magazine Section Editor, Freelancer, Blogger, Author, Communications Representative and now Vice President of Public Relations and Communications. Not only did Troy prepare me academically for each step in my career, but for the world as well. Since graduating, I’ve had the privilege to take part in professional development courses – obtaining a webmaster certification and becoming proficient in social media security. Technology is going to continue to play a huge role in the communications world. Knowing our university is providing opportunities to stay current is transformative in the business world
  5. The best is yet to come. I’m proud how my university has grown and evolved. The journalism program remains top notch and with the addition of the graphic design program several years ago, students can leave Troy ready to take the job market by storm. Just as our Alma Mater states, I’ve found life-long friends, I’ve grown in knowledge and Troy has given me a promising future. Personally, I feel the best is yet to come, not only for me, but for Troy University and its students as well. It’s great to be a Troy Trojan!