Troy University students learn salsa dancing as part of International Education Week.

Students in an outdoor amphitheater learning how to Salsa dance

Troy University students put on their dancing shoes Tuesday night as way to learn about another culture during International Education Week.

As a part of International Education Week activities, there have been a variety of evening events designed to get students moving in a number of international-themed activities such as yoga, taekwondo and on Tuesday night, salsa dancing.

The salsa dancing class was taught in the Janice Hawkins Park Amphitheater, the location of all the International Education Week evening activities.

These activities were designed to get student moving but also to allow them to experience other cultures in the process.

“We would like to do several different classes of the different cultures to bring to the students or all of Troy University not just internationals,” says Fitness & Wellness Coordinator Theresa Fuller.

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