Silvia Li helps Chinese students adjust to life at Troy University.

Troy University largest group of international students comes from China and the school has a support system in place to help them adjust to life in America.

Silvia Li has been the Director of Chinese Operations at Troy University since 2011.

A big part of Li’s job is working with students from all over the world which allows here to learn about a variety of cultures.

“We do have a lot of opportunities because in this place we have a lot of students coming in and out and sometimes they just need someone to talk with,” says Li.

Li’s office is filled with mementos from students she has worked with throughout the years which brings back memories both happy and sad.

One of the sad memories was an event early in her tenure where a student died in an accident and she had to work with the family to make arrangements.

“That was the first most important thing right after I took this job,” says Li. “I wasn’t very experienced and didn’t really know how important this job meant to me until I went through that event.”

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