Earl Hutto remembered for his contributions to TROY TrojanVision News.

On December 14th of last year the namesake of TROY TrojanVision’s television studio, Earl Hutto passed away but his contributions to both the field of broadcasting and TROY TrojanVision will always be remembered.

A $100,000 donation made by Hutto in 2018 made room for improvements in the TrojanVision studio that Hutto himself said at the time would lead to careers in a field he was known for, broadcasting.

“It means everything. This is a wonderful thing,” said Hutto at the dedication of the studio in November 2018. “To have this named after me is great. I hope it will lead to good lives for them in whatever occupation they choose.”

Station Manager Kyle Bozeman says TrojanVision would not be where it is today without the donation Hutto gave to his alma mater.

” The generous donation from the Hutto family enabled us to replace our largely homemade and hand-me-down sets with something built by professionals,” said Bozeman. “For a television studio it is very functional and very modern and I think that when students see that and when prospective students see that it raises their level of ambition a little bit.”

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