TROY TrojanVision debuts HD broadcast for cable TV viewers

TROY TrojanVision has reached a major milestone by broadcasting a high-definition signal to viewers.

“For the first time in our 47 year broadcast history we are sending a high definition signal to cable customers out in the viewing audience,” says TV Manager Aaron Taylor.

Of course high definition isn’t new for TrojanVision itself.

“We’ve been shooting in high definition,” says Taylor. “The cameras in the studio are in high definition. The cameras we sent out in the field are in high definition. We’ve been shooting stuff in high definition forever.”

The problem? Previous technology in TrojanVision’s master control couldn’t get that signal to viewers, until now.

“This has been over a year, a multi-year process, of rebuilding our infrastructure in order to be able to get a high definition signal out of here to people’s homes,” says Taylor.

What does that mean for the viewers at home?

“It’s going to be a crisper, clearer, more vivid signal,” says Taylor.

But Aaron says that image would never have been possible without the work of one man, TrojanVision engineer Doug Gooden.

“I have to brag on him,” says Taylor. “Because he had the technological knowhow and tried to figure it out and finally got us to a point where we can get this signal out. We’ve been trying to do this for years and we finally got the signal out. Tuning in for the first time last night and seeing us in high definition was was amazing. I’ve been here for 21 years and we’ve been striving for this.”

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