TROY TrojanVision makes camera donation to Banks Middle School journalism students

TROY TrojanVision news is a program that gives college students hands-on experience in journalism. Recently, TROY TrojanVision made a donation to provide younger students the same opportunity.

TROY TrojanVision made a helpful donation to Banks middle school journalism students, including cameras, tripods and other broadcast equipment that will help the students create content for the school.

With Banks School being familiar with Troy University and TrojanVision the donation was made to create a better connection with the middle schoolers that have an interest in journalism.

“We had these cameras,” says TV Manager Aaron Taylor. “We had upgraded our cameras a few years ago and these have just been sitting in a drawer and so we decided it’s best served to help out someone and why not help out someone in our backyard here at Banks. We have an established relationship and so we wanted to make sure that these young journalists have the opportunities to explore their journalism the best way possible and that’s through the use of this equipment.”

Pike County Schools Superintendent Mark Bazzell was in attendance for the presentation of the donation and says that the partnership and donation between Troy University and Banks School will mean a lot to the students and the program.

“The journalism program here at Banks started a number of years ago with just basically bare bones and it’s grown every year,” says Bazzell. “I’m so excited for the kids and the fact that they’re going to be able to grow in this program. We’re in a new facility and this equipment is going to just make the program bigger and better.”

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