Alabama Boys’ State delegates get a lesson in television in TROY TrojanVision studios

While delegates of the Alabama Boys’ State program were keeping busy on the Troy University campus, one group in particular got the chance to tour the Earl Hutto Studio and learn about what all goes into the TrojanVision newscast production.

The young men of the small group were able to engage in duties that happen in the newsroom behind the scenes and also in front of the camera.

“I was really excited to see how people all work in these close quarters in a newsroom,” says Boys’ State Delegate William Bittner. “You have your writers, your editors, your producers, all these people just in this little hive in the back rooms all working at their computers to get this one unified project done.”

“My favorite part was reading the teleprompter it was really fun,” says Boys’ State Delegate Will Broussard. “It was awesome. Got to read it all. Just went by real fast.”

“Even though the Boys’ State program is known for its emphasis on leadership and the government, Copeland Johnson an assistant counselor for Boys’ State says this opportunity is a great benefit and lesson for the young men.

“I think it’s a great benefit to Boys’ State if that’s what they’re interested in and they want a career in that field,” says Johnson. “It’ll be helpful to gain extra knowledge other than mock government. It’s just important that they learn what it means to become a model citizen.”

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