Boys State delegates undergo drunk driving simulation

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Delegates for this year’s American Legion: Alabama Boys’ State session took a break from learning about government operations in order to see the dangers of drinking and driving.

During their time at TROY, delegates learn about state and national governments, but also explore outside interests.

One session combined law enforcement with news media. Students who were elected sheriffs of their various counties were invited to a session with the Troy University Police Department (TUPD) for a drunk driving simulation.

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Before delegates arrived, TUPD officers transformed the parking lot in front of Wallace Hall into a obstacle course. Students were then challenged to wear drunk goggles and navigate a golf cart around several traffic cones.

“Drinking and driving is very dangerous, but this is a safe safe area,” TUPD Officer Payton Thomas said. “It’s a serious topic so I hope they get that it’s very dangerous to drink and drive.”

Delegates chose from a selection of goggles that varied in levels of intensity.

“When I had the goggles on there was, there’s only one cone, but it looked like there were two cones,” said delegate Daylin Kellett. “I couldn’t tell how far away from me it was. The goggles were kind of tinted, too, so I couldn’t really see well.”

Some drivers did better than others.

“They’ve been doing really well,” said delegate Donevin Farris. “Well, besides one, don’t know about that guy, but everyone else has been doing good so far.”

Many of the delegates at the simulation say they hope to go into a law enforcement career.

“I love it,” Farris told TrojanVision. “I think it was the best option for me considering the fact that people want me to become a police officer. This really helps find my purpose.”

Regardless of whether the delegates do make law enforcement their career, organizers hope each of them learned a valuable lesson.

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“It’s been awesome,” Thomas said. “These are our future law enforcement guys and, having opportunity to teach them a couple of things that I know, it’s been a great experience.”

Delegates interested in news media were paired with TROY TrojanVision and shown how to report on the simulation.

Editor’s Note: This story was contributed by Boys State delegate Dylan Hare and members of the news media interest group