The University Activities Council updates their movie nights with a new event.

Troy University students spent their Wednesday night at the drive-in in a new event offered up by the University Activities Council.

Two-dollar movie night was a favorite event put on by the University Activities Council however the closure of Continental Cinemas last year meant the UAC had to come up with other movie night ideas. As a result the UAC decided to hold a drive in movie night for students to enjoy.

The drive-in movie also allowed for students to participate in a group event while following COVID protocols by staying isolated from others in individual cars.

“We’re doing a drive-in movie in place of two-dollar movie night,” says UAC President Malik Moore. “It’s an attempt to get the students to be more engaged and still be following COVID protocols. We decided to do a drive-in movie, something that’s newly offered here at Camp Butter and Egg.”

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