TROY TrojanVision News introduces blog for presenting news content online.

TROY TrojanVision News has new online presence for its daily student-produced news content, the TROY TrojanVision Blog.

The new blog will feature stories that students have produced for the nightly TROY TrojanVision News broadcasts along with a brief written summary of each story for visitors to read before diving into the video content that will be included with each blog post.

Student reporters will be responsible for uploading content to the page each day mirroring job responsibilities they may have assigned to them in the professional world someday.

While there has been an online presence for TrojanVision in the past, the new blog offers a different way to present content online.

“In addition to streaming our newscast and showing them on television we wanted to go into the blog format because it’s a little bit more print-like and a lot of people like to consume their news in that way,” says Station Manager Kyle Bozeman. “It gives our students a chance to do something that they will be doing in their future professional jobs in preparing stories for a blog or print type presentation and also to reach an audience that perhaps we’re not reaching through other means.”

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