Troy University fraternities and sororities show off their dancing skills for Greek Week.

The court of Trojan Arena was filled with action but the wasn’t a basketball in sight as fraternities and sororities hit the hardwood to show off thier dancing skills in the annual Greek Sing.

Greek Sing is an event during Greek Week that doesn’t actually involve singing. Teams of fraternities and sororities work together on a choreographed dance that they perform in front of judges.

Teams made their dance routines based around this year’s Greek Week theme which was the Olympics with a hockey themed dance, boxing team dance and a basketball team dance among others.

After Greek Week was cancelled last year due to COVID organizers wanted to be able to bring back the popular competition and be safe for all involved.

“The goal tonight was to keep everyone safe with COVID guidelines with masks and social distancing and also just to have a good time,” says Greek Sing Director Bree Davis. “We had to cancel Greek Week last year because of the pandemic and it’s really good just to get to come back and have Greek Sing in person and get to have Greek unity again.”

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