New Freshman Forum directors make plans for a return to normal next year.

The new directors of Troy University’s Freshman Forum are looking to provide a more normal freshman year for new Trojans next year.

Teyshaun Williams and Will Landsberg were chosen to be directors for the freshman branch of the TROY’s Student Government Association whose focus is on the betterment of the freshman class.

Although COVID-19 affected many typical activities that freshmen would experience during their first year the directors say that they have learned from this past year and hope to improve on the experience when things return to normal.

“So this year it wasn’t felt as a hindrance at all, number one, because we didn’t know what it was like before,” says Co-Director Will Landsberg. “But, number two, I know that we all had a great time. I think the events are great but really what freshman forum is about is getting to know your fellow delegates getting to do stuff in the meetings. Events are great but really the good stuff is in getting to know each other which I know will still be there next year.”

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