Trojan Women’s Basketball team welcomes “Little Dribblers” to Trojan Arena.

The Trojan Women’s basketball team will soon be preparing to win another Sun Belt championship however before they hit the court for themselves they are spending some time this week teaching some younger players.

The Trojans are playing host to their annual “Little Dribblers” camp for boys and girls ranging from pre-K to 7th grade this week in Trojan Arena. It is one of many camps Trojan teams are holding this summer.

At the camp the Little Dribblers learn lessons about basketball from the Trojan coaching staff and players.

Assistant coach Neil Harrow hopes that the camp might inspire one of children to follow a path into athletics in the future.

“Its a chance to connect with the community, the local fans and the local kids and just be an example and a role model, not just obviously myself but the whole coaching staff and the whole the whole team,” says Harrow. “it’s just really important because you never know it might plant a seed in one of these kids that they want to be an athlete or they want to be a coach or they want to be an educator or anything. You just never know how you might inspire somebody.”

Head coach Chanda Rigby says that they hope that the team’s championship skills can be passed on to the young players taking part in the camp.

“That’s the image that we want to give and we advertise it that way, come learn from the champions,” says Rigby. “We’ve won four Sun Belt championships in the last six years so obviously our players are doing something right and they know some basketball and they’re very eager to give and to share that with the campers this week.”

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