Troy University Career Services offers tips for navigating the virtual job hunt.

Most of the world’s interactions have gone “virtual” due to the Coronavirus pandemic, that includes job interviews, so how does one prepare for a virtual interview Troy University‘s Office of Career Services gives some tips.

Coordinator of Career Services Lauren Cole says that an environment such as a virtual career fair has become a popular way for employers to make contact with potential employees.

“The convenience is so attractive for a virtual career fair,” says Cole. “We have more employers that are able to participate because even if they are far away they can still join us virtually.”

While these interaction with employers will take place while students are at home, Cole says students looking to find a job at a career fair shouldn’t keep things casual.

“If it is not appropriate to have on a full-blown suit that’s fine just wear business-professional or at least a business-casual minimum,” says Cole.

Another thing students might not think about when participating in virtual job interview or career fair is what is happening behind them. Cole says what’s in the background is important.

“I would recommend that students typically find a virtual background that is going to be clean,” says Cole. “I wouldn’t make it really busy or really bright colors, but I would also recommend if they don’t have the technology to do that just make sure there’s a wall behind them that doesn’t have a lot of pictures and not their bed in the background, not a messy table.”

For information about career fairs or other career related assistance TROY students can sign up for Handshake here.

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