Trojan Soccer field gets some off-season improvements.

The Troy University Soccer team is getting a upgrade to their playing surface this summer.

Field renovations are underway for the Trojan Soccer team, with improvements being made to the drainage system and sprinkler system.

“In early to mid-spring we were given the opportunity to get basically a brand new field,” says Head Soccer Coach Ged O’Connor. “Brand new drainage, a brand new sprinkler system which is way more in-depth and comprehensive than the previous system so it’s going to allow the girls to have an opportunity to play on what we think is going to be one of, if not the best, field in the conference.”

Problems with the old drainage system meant the team was not able to have a full field training session up to three days after rain. This new drainage system hopes to solve that problem.

“There was one training session where we actually had a full field scrimmage one of the girls kicked the through ball and she was sprinting onto it and it literally just stopped in the puddle,” says O’Connor.

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