Troy University holds “Girls Get Math with Data” camp this week.

Math seems like a subject that students wouldn’t want to tackle during their summer break but that isn’t the case for a group of students on the Troy University campus this week.

Troy University’s Math Department is holding its “Girls Get Math with Data” camp this week for girls in grades 10 through 12 who are looking to shape their future in the field of mathematics.

“It’s to encourage kids to go into STEM careers or consider STEM careers or just study STEM more and just bring more awareness to them about how math can be applied in everyday life,” says Chair of Department of Mathematics Dr. Ken Roblee.

The students involved in this week’s math camp say they are excited to learn more about their future career field and explore options that they might have never thought were possible with a career in mathematics.

“Not everyone knows what we’re going to do yet in their future,” says camper Reena Chen. “This really does give us an insight into the math world and everything that we don’t really know much about it but here we are we’re learning about it.”

Others say they want to break stereotypes of who decides to join this career field and encourage other girls to get involved too.

“Not many girls are really interested in math,” says camper Grace Lin. “There’s kind of a shortage or a stereotype if you’re in the STEM field. There’s not many girls in the math or biology field so I think it’s really important for girls to get out there.”

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