Troy University kicks off its annual TROY-STAR Chinese language summer camp.

For most students, a summer camp is for taking a break from school and enjoying their summer vacation. But for a group of students here at Troy University, their summer camp is all about learning a language and its culture.

“They basically are immersed in Chinese language and cultural activities that help them learn the  language while the teachers are attending TROY-STAR to learn as well their curriculum is a little different from the students as they will be  learning how to teach the language” says camp manager Austin Deal

This programs also gives the students an oppertunity to experience Troy University first hand, which could lead them to becoming a perspectve student.

“For their first time to be at Troy University I think is significant because a lot of these kids come back to study. Throughout the 12 years, we’ve done this, we’ve had 40 students that have attended this camp they’ve come and done their undergrad here .”

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