Troy University’s TROY-STAR camp offers hands-on education through Dragon Dance.

The traditional Dragon Dance is a well-known aspect of Chinese culture and American students are learning how to make the dragon come to life at Troy University‘s TROY-STAR camp.

When the campers aren’t learning about the Chinese language they can be found attending dance class.

For the dance, students have to work in unison to use the dragon to chase after the treasured pearl.

“The pearl is kind of just enticing the dragon,” says Dance Coach Sonia Su. “The entire performance they are leading the dragon around. The dragon is chasing the pearl for it’s good fortune and just being able to say ‘okay well I see this beautiful thing. I’m chasing it. I’m going to eventually catch it’ and as you can see they technically never do.”

According to Su, at the TROY-STAR language camp students are not only learning about the Chinese language but essential parts of its culture, like the dragon dance, giving them a full Chinese culture experience and the opportunity to learn something new.

“With this camp in general they actually learn more than just the language they learn about the culture,” says Su. “In Chinese culture it’s good luck to have a dragon. To have it at New Year’s. To bless new businesses opening. It brings good fortune and so we are having the students learn how to actually run the dragon dance.”

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