Troy University names Skylar Meade as new Trojan Baseball Head Coach.

Skylar Meade was introduced to the Trojan nation as the next head coach of the Trojan Baseball program on Thursday afternoon.

A press conference was held in the Stadium Club of Veterans Memorial Stadium to welcome Meade to campus.

Meade comes to TROY from the University of South Carolina where he was the pitching coach for the past four years.

Along with the introduction of Meade, Troy University unveiled plans for upgrades to Riddle-Pace field.

A multi-million dollar renovation plan is in place for Riddle-Pace. The appearance of the stadium on the outside will be updated and luxury suites and baseball offices will be added as well.

Troy University Chancellor Jack Hawkins says that the expectation is to take the team somewhere it has never been before.

“With the proper leadership and with the proper investments, then our goal is Omaha,” says Hawkins.

Meade says he is excited about what can be accomplished at TROY and is looking forward to having an active fanbase.

“I want the entire student body here,” says Meade. “If we can get 10,000 people in the into the park that’s what we need to do, but I want them to be involved. I want them to be loud. I want them to be rowdy. I’d like for our stadium to be a place that is a nightmare for other teams to come over the course of a weekend.”

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