Business owners react to plans for entertainment district for downtown Troy.

Change could soon be coming to Troy’s downtown square.

The Troy City Council is expected to vote on a ordinance to create an entertainment district in downtown Troy.

The ordinance would allow patrons to walk around the district area with alcoholic beverages purchased from business located within the district.

Lyndsay Taylor, owner of Sips on the Square, says the district would bolster what the city has already tried to build in the downtown area.

“Downtown really does an excellent job with actually creating kind of a centralized location for people to hang out,” says Taylor. “But I think that the benefit of the entertainment district would be that it would ultimately be a catalyst for an elevated experience for customers, for restaurants, for retailers.”

The district would not be enforced year-round but only for certain events, a decision Taylor agrees with.

“I think that until it’s kind of set into place I think that it will benefit for it to be at certain times so we can kind of see how it can be policed and how everyone will be able to kind of handle it and manage it,” says Taylor. “So I think that ultimately I think it’s a step in the right direction to one day maybe having it as an entertainment district full time.”

This is a sentiment fellow downtown business owner Charmin Harvey, owner of Sherman’s Smoothies, agrees with as well.

“City-wise I guess you can say it’s good to just have it for their events for now but if it turns out to be something that’s good and they don’t have too many problems then I would think that they would let people do it all the time,” says Harvey.

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