Troy University’s International Arts Center displays the Art of the Story from journalism students.

Journalism can be described as the art of telling people’s stories through newspapers or television however not many would consider those products to be works of art. That’s not stopping the International Arts Center from showcasing the work of Troy University student journalists on its walls.

Troy University‘s Hall School of Journalism and Communication partnered with International Arts Center to create an exhibit featuring the work of student journalists.

“I got the idea for the ‘Art of the Story’ because our students produce wonderful content in the classroom for the Tropolitan, for TrojanVision,” says Student Publications Adviser and Hall School Lecturer Dr. Robbyn Taylor. “There’s never really an understanding that goes along with that, about what it takes to create a story and the sort of art that goes into storytelling and taking photos that are visually engaging and captivating readers attention.”

A look around the exhibit will show some of the events that have happened in the past year including the march for black lives, representative John Robert Lewis’ funeral and how events shifted to fit COVID guidelines.

“The content of the exhibit is what it was like to experience the last year through a TROY lens,” says Taylor. “There is a wall that’s dedicated to human rights issues, a wall that’s dedicated to international issues, a wall that’s dedicated to the pandemic. So it’s all these big national stories that were being covered but when you come and look at the exhibit here it’s how those things were happening and and how students and faculty and staff at TROY were experiencing those things.”

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