Trojan Volleyball team returns to Trojan Arena with a win over Alabama State.

The Trojan Volleyball team made short work of Alabama State in their return to Trojan Arena Tuesday night.

Troy defeated Alabama State 3-0 in a match that lasted just an hour and 16 minutes.

The Trojans held the Hornets to a .160 hitting percentage. It is the Trojan second straight game in which they have held an opponent to below a .200 hitting percentage.

“A good game to be back home,” says Head Coach Josh Lauer. “We talked a lot tonight about we wanted to go on good service runs. We needed to be really disciplined and communicate well because they’re a scrappy team and they did a good job getting the ball over the net tonight and I thought their offensive tempo was pretty good and really challenged us. So we got a lot to work on there but I was proud we kind of stayed steady and we said ‘Hey, we just need to be efficient and play simple volleyball tonight and do that well.’ “

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